The Stereotypical Question

who is the guy #3

So there is one question that I hear way too many times. Which is who is the guy in the relationship? This question is a pet peeve of mine.

I just don’t understand it. I mean if two women are dating each other why would one act like a guy? Two women dating should not have to incorporate a masculine role in their relationship.

I feel like that defeats the point of a same sex relationship. I think if lesbians were worried about one acting like a guy then they wouldn’t be lesbians. They would most likely be in a heterosexual relationship if that were the case.

I think people get the idea in their head that a same sex relationship is different in way of attraction since it’s not the norm. But besides a couple of things the relationship works the same way as any other.

I think that two lesbians should be themselves in a relationship. It doesn’t make sense for people to ask who is the guy? Why can’t it just be two women dating each other?

I understand that lesbians can dress more tomboyish and not super feminine at times. But even then it doesn’t mean that the girl who dresses like a tomboy is “the guy in the relationship.”




Should We Get a U-Haul?

U-Haul Pic

So if you know anything about lesbians then you have probably heard about lesbians moving in shortly after meeting each other.  This is a phenomenon that is very popular in the lesbian culture.

I found this very interesting and I wonder why it happens a lot. I myself have not moved in with any girlfriend yet. So I can not say that I have u-hauled yet.

For me personally I think it would be kind of fun to live with my girlfriend, but it is not something that I feel I have to do. I think in the long run it is healthier for my relationship to not live with my girlfriend until we’ve been dating for a while.

Also, I see benefits in having some time apart from my girlfriend because it makes the time we do spend together more special.

I read an article on bustle and it talked about the pros and cons of u-hauling but it also talked about why lesbians want to move in with each other. It mentioned that the reason why has to do with women’s biology.

Oxytocin is released when women fall in love and it makes them feel even more connected to their partner. I definitely believe this is true and I could see how this could play a part in u-hauling.

At the end of the day I think u-hauling is a personal preference. Even if I were to U-Haul and it not work out it would be okay. I only have one life to live so why not do something if I feel its right at the time.

The Tomboy Stereotype


There has been a stereotype around for a while that says that if a girl is a tomboy then that must mean that she will be a lesbian. Of course I happen to fit this stereotype because growing up I was a total tomboy.

My choice of toy as a little girl was a GI Joe not a barbie. I also had monster trucks and dump trucks.

For my ninth birthday I had a WWE smackdown cake and my sister had a bratz cake. I did not want anything to do with stuff that was pink.

Even though I happened to be a tomboy who later realized she was a lesbian the stereotype isn’t always true. I could see a girl who is a tomboy and assume that she is a lesbian but find out she is straight.

I wouldn’t know for sure her sexuality until I actually asked her. I think it is easy to assume things sometimes just because of stereotypes that people make up in society.

For me personally the tomboy stereotype does not bother me at all because I could not see myself any other way. I will continue to be a tomboy for the rest of my life. It’s just a part me and I’m okay with that.

In my opinion GI Joes are a lot cooler anyway because who knows of a barbie that has a cool outfit and a parachute?



Video Project Experience


So the objective of my video project was to highlight favorite places in Stillwater and why it’s a great place to live. This project was kind of fun to me.

In the brainstorming part of the process I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. Once I decided that was half the battle.

I had a lot fun filming it, but the day I filmed it the weather wasn’t all that nice and it was raining. This made filming a bit more difficult.

I think since it was raining some clips of my video don’t have the best lighting, but it was hard to fix that. I had to fix the audio because initially it was hard to hear what my sister was saying.

As a whole putting together the video was quite easy. I used final cut pro and it was way easier than I had initially thought it would be.

I honestly want to do more projects like these. I think it would be pretty cool if I could do something like this for a living.

I never truly thought about how fun it could be to try and communicate ideas through video. I think I enjoyed this project so much because I really like doing hands on things.

I feel like a hands on job would be fulfilling for me in the long run.



Audio Slideshow Experience


Creating an audio slideshow was an interesting experience for me. At first I was not sure what I wanted my topic to be.

I brainstormed for a while and finally came up with a story that I thought would be interesting to tell through pictures. I did a story over my girlfriend’s music interests and how it is important in her life.

Once I got into the project there was a lot more to it than I thought in the way of matching the pictures to the audio. This was hard at first because it seemed like I would get it where I wanted. Then I’d need to add more pictures to it.

Adding more pictures messed with the transitions and my sound a bit, but I eventually figured it out.

For my project I used IMovie which was a pain in the beginning because there was no easy way to save my project. I spent two hours trying to figure out how to save my project on my flash drive.

When technology was working in my favor I enjoyed putting the pictures together. Putting in audio of my girlfriend playing guitar was also pretty fun.

Doing this project made me realize that there is a lot more to photography than I initially thought. I view photography as an art now and not just photos.

Short Hair Stereotype


The short hair lesbian stereotype is rather interesting. As you can see above, I fit the stereotype currently, but I have not always. I have had long hair for most of my life except for two different times.

The first time I cut my hair short was in the sixth grade because I wanted to quote “spike my hair up”. At the time this was something very different for all of my fellow twelve year old classmates.

When I cut my hair in the sixth grade I did it over a break. So when I came back to school I had really short hair. People at school thought that I was a new kid in school.

I was confused as a boy because of my short hair and the way that I dressed. I was self conscious about cutting my hair because of this. I did not like being confused for a son or a twin brother.

After that experience I grew my hair back out and had long hair for a while. The most recent time I cut my hair short was October of 2016.

I was tired of not being able to do much with long hair and wanted a change. So currently I still have short hair and it is pretty fantastic.

I knew that I would fit the lesbian stereotype of having short hair if I cut it. This being said it does not mean that every girl with short hair is automatically a lesbian.

I really wanted to do something edgy with my hair. With my short hair I can make a Mohawk or fohawk which I think can be pretty fun and edgy for a female haircut.

The Typical Lesbian Pet


If you have ever met someone or know someone who identifies as lesbian then you may have noticed they are different than your typical straight girl. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts the stereotypical lesbian’s favorite shirt may be a flannel. She may also own a snap back.

You may be able to guess whether or not if a girl is a lesbian by these stereotypes.But there is one stereotype that you usually can not see. This is whether or not she owns a cat.

A cat is usually what I would call the typical lesbian pet. Most lesbians that I know have a cat instead of a dog. I am not sure why a cat is the preferred pet, but it is definitely a stereotype.

I personally do not own a cat so that is the one stereotype that I do not fulfill currently, but I am thinking about getting one. I used to dislike cats and only like dogs, but my perception of cats has changed over the past year or so.

Recently I have been longing to own a pet and I have been doing my research. I think I am starting to understand why a cat is the typical lesbian pet. Cats are just so soft and cuddly.

They also have varying personalities because one day they will love you and want all of your attention. Then the next day they will have nothing to do with you. This seems to be the right kind of pet especially for a lesbian in college.

My Podcast Adventure


I never knew how interesting a podcast was until I made one myself. I have listened to podcasts before, but never thought about how they were made. I definitely underestimated how much time it took for the final product.

My podcast experience was frustrating at times, but not always. The hardest part of making a podcast was learning what I needed to do in order to edit the podcast. This was hard because I had to simultaneously learn the program while editing the podcast.

Initially, I thought the time constraint of a length of eight to ten minutes would be hard to fill. This being said I actually had the opposite problem. After I put my recording into adobe premier I had to edit a lot to cut out time.

Putting in music breaks was a bit difficult because I forgot to include pauses for music. This made me realize that I could cut out awkward pauses and use those added seconds for music breaks.

The aspect that I liked about making my podcast was that I had no limitations as to what the topic was. I am glad that I chose to talk about growing up gay in my podcast. Overall, my podcast experience was pretty positive.