The Stereotypical Question

who is the guy #3

So there is one question that I hear way too many times. Which is who is the guy in the relationship? This question is a pet peeve of mine.

I just don’t understand it. I mean if two women are dating each other why would one act like a guy? Two women dating should not have to incorporate a masculine role in their relationship.

I feel like that defeats the point of a same sex relationship. I think if lesbians were worried about one acting like a guy then they wouldn’t be lesbians. They would most likely be in a heterosexual relationship if that were the case.

I think people get the idea in their head that a same sex relationship is different in way of attraction since it’s not the norm. But besides a couple of things the relationship works the same way as any other.

I think that two lesbians should be themselves in a relationship. It doesn’t make sense for people to ask who is the guy? Why can’t it just be two women dating each other?

I understand that lesbians can dress more tomboyish and not super feminine at times. But even then it doesn’t mean that the girl who dresses like a tomboy is “the guy in the relationship.”




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