Should We Get a U-Haul?

U-Haul Pic

So if you know anything about lesbians then you have probably heard about lesbians moving in shortly after meeting each other.  This is a phenomenon that is very popular in the lesbian culture.

I found this very interesting and I wonder why it happens a lot. I myself have not moved in with any girlfriend yet. So I can not say that I have u-hauled yet.

For me personally I think it would be kind of fun to live with my girlfriend, but it is not something that I feel I have to do. I think in the long run it is healthier for my relationship to not live with my girlfriend until we’ve been dating for a while.

Also, I see benefits in having some time apart from my girlfriend because it makes the time we do spend together more special.

I read an article on bustle and it talked about the pros and cons of u-hauling but it also talked about why lesbians want to move in with each other. It mentioned that the reason why has to do with women’s biology.

Oxytocin is released when women fall in love and it makes them feel even more connected to their partner. I definitely believe this is true and I could see how this could play a part in u-hauling.

At the end of the day I think u-hauling is a personal preference. Even if I were to U-Haul and it not work out it would be okay. I only have one life to live so why not do something if I feel its right at the time.


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