The Tomboy Stereotype


There has been a stereotype around for a while that says that if a girl is a tomboy then that must mean that she will be a lesbian. Of course I happen to fit this stereotype because growing up I was a total tomboy.

My choice of toy as a little girl was a GI Joe not a barbie. I also had monster trucks and dump trucks.

For my ninth birthday I had a WWE smackdown cake and my sister had a bratz cake. I did not want anything to do with stuff that was pink.

Even though I happened to be a tomboy who later realized she was a lesbian the stereotype isn’t always true. I could see a girl who is a tomboy and assume that she is a lesbian but find out she is straight.

I wouldn’t know for sure her sexuality until I actually asked her. I think it is easy to assume things sometimes just because of stereotypes that people make up in society.

For me personally the tomboy stereotype does not bother me at all because I could not see myself any other way. I will continue to be a tomboy for the rest of my life. It’s just a part me and I’m okay with that.

In my opinion GI Joes are a lot cooler anyway because who knows of a barbie that has a cool outfit and a parachute?




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