Short Hair Stereotype


The short hair lesbian stereotype is rather interesting. As you can see above, I fit the stereotype currently, but I have not always. I have had long hair for most of my life except for two different times.

The first time I cut my hair short was in the sixth grade because I wanted to quote “spike my hair up”. At the time this was something very different for all of my fellow twelve year old classmates.

When I cut my hair in the sixth grade I did it over a break. So when I came back to school I had really short hair. People at school thought that I was a new kid in school.

I was confused as a boy because of my short hair and the way that I dressed. I was self conscious about cutting my hair because of this. I did not like being confused for a son or a twin brother.

After that experience I grew my hair back out and had long hair for a while. The most recent time I cut my hair short was October of 2016.

I was tired of not being able to do much with long hair and wanted a change. So currently I still have short hair and it is pretty fantastic.

I knew that I would fit the lesbian stereotype of having short hair if I cut it. This being said it does not mean that every girl with short hair is automatically a lesbian.

I really wanted to do something edgy with my hair. With my short hair I can make a Mohawk or fohawk which I think can be pretty fun and edgy for a female haircut.


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