The Typical Lesbian Pet


If you have ever met someone or know someone who identifies as lesbian then you may have noticed they are different than your typical straight girl. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts the stereotypical lesbian’s favorite shirt may be a flannel. She may also own a snap back.

You may be able to guess whether or not if a girl is a lesbian by these stereotypes.But there is one stereotype that you usually can not see. This is whether or not she owns a cat.

A cat is usually what I would call the typical lesbian pet. Most lesbians that I know have a cat instead of a dog. I am not sure why a cat is the preferred pet, but it is definitely a stereotype.

I personally do not own a cat so that is the one stereotype that I do not fulfill currently, but I am thinking about getting one. I used to dislike cats and only like dogs, but my perception of cats has changed over the past year or so.

Recently I have been longing to own a pet and I have been doing my research. I think I am starting to understand why a cat is the typical lesbian pet. Cats are just so soft and cuddly.

They also have varying personalities because one day they will love you and want all of your attention. Then the next day they will have nothing to do with you. This seems to be the right kind of pet especially for a lesbian in college.


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