My Podcast Adventure


I never knew how interesting a podcast was until I made one myself. I have listened to podcasts before, but never thought about how they were made. I definitely underestimated how much time it took for the final product.

My podcast experience was frustrating at times, but not always. The hardest part of making a podcast was learning what I needed to do in order to edit the podcast. This was hard because I had to simultaneously learn the program while editing the podcast.

Initially, I thought the time constraint of a length of eight to ten minutes would be hard to fill. This being said I actually had the opposite problem. After I put my recording into adobe premier I had to edit a lot to cut out time.

Putting in music breaks was a bit difficult because I forgot to include pauses for music. This made me realize that I could cut out awkward pauses and use those added seconds for music breaks.

The aspect that I liked about making my podcast was that I had no limitations as to what the topic was. I am glad that I chose to talk about growing up gay in my podcast. Overall, my podcast experience was pretty positive.


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