The Flannel


I’m sure we’ve all heard of the famous flannel. The flannel is one article of clothing that is known to be associated with the stereotypical lesbian. I would bet that every lesbian has at least one flannel in her closet, but if she doesn’t she will sometime in her life.

Owning many flannels is not necessarily a bad thing though at least in my opinion. I am not sure how many flannels I own but I probably have at least five in my closet. I try not to wear a flannel more than two days in a row so that I am not screaming my sexuality.

I am most likely going to keep wearing flannels even though I may be stereotyped. I recently adopted this style. But I would say that my favorite combination concerning a flannel is a long sleeved flannel with a graphic t-shirt underneath.

It’s funny because I bought some khaki pants just so I could wear my flannel shirts with them. That may be a gay thing to do so to speak. But I can’t help that I love flannels so much.

Honestly, I wonder how a flannel shirt became a stereotype associated with a lesbian. Wherever the stereotype came from I think it is an awesome stereotype.






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