The Snapback

I am a big fan of hats and have been ever since I was a little lesbian. Of course I happen to own quite a few snapbacks. I know this does not help my case when it comes to fitting stereotypes.

I think it is kind of funny that snapbacks are stereotypical. Even as a lesbian I am not sure where that stereotype came from. I would guess that maybe it is a stereotype because of girls who wear snapbacks and have short hair.

Not always, but typically a girl who wears a snapback and has short hair is assumed to be a lesbian. I currently happen to fit this stereotype exactly, but I have not always had short hair. This being said, I will get into the stereotype of short hair in a later post.

Even though a backwards snapback is usually an implied lesbian alert I really do not mind. I cannot speak for the whole community or anything but the stereotype could be offensive to some fellow lesbians. Personally I am not offended by it because my love for snapbacks is so great.

I have joked that I’ll have to put one as my centerpiece on my coffee table because I have so many. It is okay though a girl can never have too many snapbacks, or can she? The stereotypical lesbian in me says no.


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